iPhone 11 - Dark Version - Verify CROPPED


Giving Your Audio An Audience

Proof Of Sound

Proof Of Sound™ also known as 'PRoS', is an audio verification protocol used to 'prove' to the listener, or verifier, that a specific audio sequence has been generated by the creator at a specific time for a specific duration.

One side plays the audio and the other side confirms it has been played.

This verification triggers the release of digital media, which gets minted directly to the listener’s wallet.

The Wallet

Storing Your Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets

Starting is Simple
1. Download the BOOMN App
2. Create Your Passcode
3. Don't Forget Your Passcode

Use the BOOMN Wallet to Collect,
Organize, Store & Share Digital Assets.

Receive and Manage Your Royalties
Manage Past and Future Payouts & Payments

Link Your Wallet to your Bank Account (IBA) to Load Your Wallet and Withdraw Revenue and Funds Received


Download the App


Create Your Wallet


Choose Creator or Listener Mode



Switch Between
Creator and Listener Modes


1. Upload an audio file, or “go live.”
2. Upload your digital media
3. Set your mint settings

Upload Multiple pieces of content
each with unique settings!

*You are not giving away your audio.
Your audio triggers the release of exclusive content to your listeners.


1. Open BOOMN and press “Listen” to verify a creator’s audio.
2. "Accept” or “Deny” the free and exclusive media,
If you Accept, the NFT is minted directly into your wallet.
Collect exclusive content

Let your content appreciate in value or sell/trade it on the marketplace.

Connect Your Wallet to BOOMN's Marketplace, VST, and More!