Powering Creators & Listeners
Through Audio Verification.

Proof on the Blockchain

The 'Proof Of Sound' is the name of our audio wallet and also a protocol in which the creator proves to the listener, or verifier, that a specific audio sequence has been generated. Listeners use their cell phone’s microphone to verify audio. In the most basic form, one side plays the audio and the other side confirms it has been played. Though BOOMN, this verification process triggers a release of digital media that gets minted directly to the listener’s wallet.

The protocol, invented by producer/sound engineer Daniel ‘Draydel’ Sado, was designed to connect creators and fans directly. The incentive directive makes the protocol just as useful to creators and businesses alike, who want to reach their market and grow their audience. The 'Proof of Sound' works to deter denial-of-service attacks and other forms of service abuse such as spam on the network. The audio, once verified, cannot be reproduced, therefore rendering the network secure.

Switch between creator and listener modes

...You really can have it all


Creators will upload an audio file, or plan to “go live.” Then they will upload the digital media that they want to release to the listeners. The mint settings allow the creator to specify the time of verification and the number of people who will receive the content. Multiple pieces of content can be uploaded, each with their own settings. Creators ARE NOT giving away their audio, but rather the audio acts as a trigger, releasing exclusive content to their listeners.


Listeners will open BOOMN and press “Listen” to verify a creator’s audio. Once verified, the listener will either “accept” or “deny” the free and exclusive media, as an NFT minted directly into the listener’s wallet.
Listeners will collect exclusive content from their favorite artists, speakers, and streamers. They can then let their content appreciate in value or have the option to sell it on the marketplace.


Create Your World And We Will Help You Connect With It.

First, download the BOOMN Proof Of Sound app. Create your wallet and be sure to back up your mnemonic passphrase in multiple places. Then, choose the industry you’re in.

You will always have 2 profile options on the app to choose from – a ‘creator’ or a ‘listener’.

Beyond the Metaverse

Transforming the Way We Send and Receive Audio

Listen to a pre-recorded podcast or even a live stream on Twitch and as soon as you verify the Proof Of Sound you can accept and receive your NFT. Listen to the radio, verify the Proof Of Sound and win backstage tickets to a concert. Watch a commercial for your favorite deodorant, verify the Proof Of Sound™ and win a 20% off coupon. You can even meet up with your coworkers in the metaverse, verify the Proof Of Sound from your boss speaking and receive your holiday bonus NFT.

BOOMN is changing the way we engage with the world around us.​