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BOOMN is the audio-based blockchain marketing platform revolutionizing the way we listen, interact, and engage with each other through audio. While BOOMN simplifies the transition from Web2 to Web3, it is still complex to most people. We are here to help you learn, so check below for commonly asked questions. Video tutorials are coming soon!

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Proof-of-Sound is a new protocol we’ve created that allows users to mint NFTs from audio files. Our ‘Audio Wallet’ dApp provides a simple UX/UI for users to interact with the protocol. More information added periodically. Join our discord for more information:

The creator profile is 1 of 2 wallet modes you can switch between at any time. Creators upload media in queue to their dashboard and distribute that media as an NFT to anyone that verifies their proof of sound. This can be in the form of a live stream or pre-recorded media. They have access to brand new analytics, metrics and information from their audience that never existed previously to BOOMN.

The listener profile is the second wallet mode you can switch between at any time. Listeners can actively verify the proof of sound from their favorite creators. This can be in the form of a live stream or pre-recorded media. They have access to brand new exclusive content, interactions and direct engagement with their favorite creators that never existed previously to BOOMN.

If you’re interested, the first place to check out would be our discord server! – If you’re already a part of our server, then you’re off to a great start! I would head over to Twitter next and also make sure you’ve signed up for our invite NFT pass to access the public launch of the app.

Currently, we have open sign-ups for our free invite NFT pass which will give you access to our Proof-of-Sound app when its released to the public. Not everyone will be able to gain access. Join our discord for more information:

With your profile, you are able to only use 1 mobile device at a time.

Make sure you sign up for the free invite NFT pass to gain access to the Proof-of-Sound audio wallet. Once you’ve done that, download the app from your app store, create a wallet and make sure your switch is flipped to the creator selection. BOOM. Done.

Once you have access, open your app and head over to your dashboard and click the giant BOOMN logo in the center. Then select ‘upload media’ to upload your file. Choose your mint settings and BOOMN you’re done. Now you have the option of either going live, uploading your own audio or verifying previously distributed works.

Once you have your invite NFT pass, download the app from your app store, create a wallet and make sure your switch is flipped to the listener selection. Along the bottom, click the giant BOOMN logo in the center and when you’re ready to verify a creators Proof-of-Sound click on the giant BOOMN logo to automatically begin to verify. If successful, you will have the option to accept or deny your creators content. If you accept, the media will be automatically minted to your wallet. If you deny, the media will not be minted and you will not receive anything in your wallet.

Yes of course! And vise versa as well! Once you have access to the Proof-of-Sound audio wallet, you’ll be able to switch between Creator and Listener at any moment.

Yes. We will open up the verification portal for all creators in an upcoming update after launch.

As a tier 3 $BOOMN validator, yes. There is a minimum amount of $BOOMN to be staked and this unlocks access to enormous amounts of data sets from your audience! Join our discord for more information:

You just need to follow the steps:

  • 1. Click on the filter button next to the search input on the portfolio screen.
  • 2. Search for the desired Token
  • 3. Activate it to be incorporated into your portfolio.

As with any wallet or protocol, if you lose your private key or passphrase, we cannot help you.

After you get your new phone set up, download the Proof-of-Sound App and input the email you used originally when creating your wallet. Log in as usual.

Absolutely not. You can be a musician, a radio host, a Twitch streamer, an Instagram influencer, a YouTuber, a business, a production company, a motivational speaker, an author, a business coach and more. As long as you incorporate audio within your marketing and advertising, you can utilize BOOMN’s platform and data.

No, not necessarily. As a creator, your media is verified using the Proof-of-Sound, but after it’s verified, the listener has the option to accept the NFT minting or deny it. If someone denies your NFT after verification, then your media will not be distributed to that specific wallet address.

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As a listener, not only do you get directly engage with your favorite creators and brands for a lifetime, you’re also able to influence their creations and art! Get rewarded for your participation by verifying the proof-of-sound, you can receive rewards such as free merch, concert tickets, exclusive releases or songs, artwork, voice memos, private invites, GPS locations – anything! After you receive your exclusive content, you can either keep it, or sell it on our marketplace for extra money.

As a creator, not only are you able to incentivize your audience and listeners, you’re able to create bidirectional engagements with each and every one of them. You can provide value like you have never done before. Not only that, but the data and settings you have access to will only provide your business more value. 

Our discord has the most updated information:

You can also follow us on Twitter: @boomn_io

Never click on any links or emails that come from us asking for your passphrase or any other sensitive information. This goes for every person in the crypto space – not just us.

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The BOOMN ecosystem is currently comprised of a token ($BOOMN), an NFT marketplace and the world’s first crypto audio wallet. It’s all powered and verified through our protocol called the “Proof-of-Sound”. We are starting with releasing the Proof-of-Sound audio wallet! Follow our discord for the most current updates:

The $BOOMN token is used for minting NFTs, governance over the protocol and exclusive feature access. $BOOMN tokens will also be staked as collateral for value added services. In exchange, those who stake, earn ongoing access to exclusive features, issuance, and governance weight to vote on certain proposals within the DAO. $BOOMN tokens are also staked by differet node creators to run the $BOOMN protocol. They can also be staked by artists to unlock exclusive features and services offered within the BOOMN ecosystem. Any $BOOMN staked within the protocol is assigned governance weight, used to shape future developments of the protocol.

Maximum supply is 10,000,000,000 – More information coming soon.. Join our discord for the most updated information:

Coming soon.. Join our discord for the most updated information:

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The BOOMN DAO (Decentralized Automated Organization) is where the heart of BOOMN will be centrally located. This is where the community is able to vote on consensus for changes in the system, how things are run, the percentages, the fees, the royalties and more. This is where your voice is heard.

Just like any other DAO. There is a collective vote for different proposals and if a proposal receives enough support, it will go to a community vote for permanance within the protocol. Join our discord for the most updated information:

Coming soon.. Join our discord for the most updated information:

No. Email for more information

Currently, BOOMN is built on Polygon – a Layer 2 solution for Ethereum. New chain integrations will continuously be updated. Join our discord for the most updated information:

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