Freedom to Create and Engage

BOOMN is the premier ecosystem offering direct transactions between creators and listeners through our audio verification protocol, ‘Proof of Sound’. This ecosystem includes three elements; the Wallet, the Marketplace and the $BOOMN token.

Direct Transactions Between Creators And Listeners

Creators, artists, and presenters know the impact they want to make. But the old model of sharing your audio doesn’t work without forfeiting your ownership of it. The BOOMN Ecosystem offers exclusivity, safety, and verified ownership (plus consequential value) through the audio wallet, marketplace, and $BOOMN token. You’ve likely heard the terms NFTs, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and tokens in the past, but didn’t think they had any relevance to your career. Tokens are what makes your audio valuable. It gives exclusivity and ownership to your sound in a way that couldn’t be done previously.

Audio Wallet

The New Profile.

BOOMN is a user-friendly app that helps you store and manage your cryptocurrency, content and assets, while keeping you in full control of your audio releases. Your BOOMN wallet is instantly synced with blockchain to securely send and receive cryptocurrency and NFTs.


Buy, Sell, Trade.

Stream audio like songs, podcasts, classes and speeches. Buy, sell, and trade NFTs you’ve received from creators. Build your collection and your community by interacting directly with your friends and supporters. Interacting goes both ways, you give your supporters NFTs and content, but here you can also ask them to influence a piece of audio you make or vote on ideas for your next creation.


Your token rules!

$BOOMN is a utility token that allows you to create, distribute, and monetize original audio. It is the key that not only unlocks unlimited revenue streams but enables you to stack campaigns any way you want.