BOOMN “Proof of Sound” Blockchain Hits Hot at Miami NFT Week

Miami NFT Week surpassed every techie’s wildest expectations for the future of Web3. Hosted in the dubbed Crypto Capital of the World, BOOMN was front and center in the conversation about the industry’s future.

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban explained it well to media outlets when he said it was like a party talking about NFTs, a completely different environment. He added that he’s not surprised it’s blowing up and has been in attendance at multiple big NFT events, including The North American Bitcoin Conference held in Miami Beach.

BOOMN founder and CEO Daniel ‘Draydel’ Sado spoke on the panel “Music is the Strongest Form of Magic,” which also featured moderator Julie Lamb; Matt Medved – Founder/CEO of NFT Now; Erik Mendelson – Director of Blockchain Business Development at OneOf; and Young Paris – Musician & Founder of The Syndicated Cat Club.

Draydel shared newly released updates on the BOOMN “Proof of Sound,” including a simple onboarding process that puts an end to the currently complex and confusing onboarding process of buying an NFT.

“You just download the audio wallet, create a wallet, and verify sound – BOOM, you just got your first NFT,” he explained in a simplistic “Steve Jobs” type manner. 

NFTs are digital tokens that are a popular way to buy and sell digital artwork, frequently purchased with cryptocurrency. NFTs verify the ownership of the artwork.

The BOOMN protocol takes it lightyears further. It allows creators and listeners to interact in the moment through sound. For example, a musician can have an audience of 20,000 who utilize the ‘Proof of Sound’ for a chance at backstage tickets given to one lucky winner. All 20,000 fans verifying at the same time but only 1 person will get the NFT minted to their wallet. But on the backend, the creator just collected all 20,000 wallet addresses from their fans that they can re-market to at a later day with an airdrop. 

“BOOMN goes beyond a simple platform and allows you to get to know your audience without knowing your audience. You’re able to enhance your relationship with your listeners in ways never before done,” said Draydel. 

BOOMN goes beyond music. For example, it makes it simple for professors (or speakers) to verify attendance during a lecture (or speech) and even drop a copy of the lecture to those not in attendance. Podcasters have a higher level understanding and access to their audience, as well as the ability to incentivize during the middle of an episode. 

Bottom line, BOOMN proved the future of music was magic for all specialists in the industry. Join the waitlist at BOOMN.IO.