Begin Building with BOOMN

BOOMN is excited to launch its Beta App for public testing. While Beta is the most basic form of the BOOMN App, when using, you will familiarize yourself with its functionality, layout, and the PRos Protocol. 

Directly contribute to the BOOMN App with your valued feedback. 

Beta Wallet

Send and Receive NFTS
Receive Coins
Load Your Wallet
The BOOMN App will include features like sending coins & the withdraw of funds.
In Beta, earn and store, then retrieve when the App is later released.


Beta uses tokens as an in-app currency only, until the official token launches on Blockchain.

Receive 100 Tokens when you download the Beta.
Use your tokens to create drops.


Learn Your Market

Beta gives you access to all of your data and analytics.



Attach NFTs and tokens to drop during a prerecorded podcast or live stream.
Tip: Set the release later in the conversation to extend viewer retention.


Release concert tickets or NFTs to your single. You can give away anything, even VIP passes to your live show.
Find limitless ways to stack your income and campaigns, while utilizing your data to cater to your loyal fanbase.

Live Streamers

Set your drop to release NFTs after 15 minutes of "active engagement" from your listeners.

Tip: Longer retention helps you gain valuable information and increases your visibility.


Encourage attendance and integrate learning with technology.

Tip: Have your students verify an audio clip to receive a digital study guide. To count attendance, just see who verified the clip.


Truth is power.
Verifying your speech or audio on the blockchain serves as concrete evidence to thwart deep fakes and fake news.

Keynote Speakers

Enhance understanding by rewarding your crowd with valuable information, such as notes on your lecture or a list of things to consider on their next venture.