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Web3 was designed as a public ledger that would disperse power to all people, a trustless system that prevents a singular or centralized entity from controlling all of the information. BOOMN was initially developed to solve similar problems within the music industry, then grew to encompass all audio with its diverse and ever expanding user-cases.

Our purpose is to give control to creators, while giving back to the listeners. Creators have always been the least considered and the most desired. In this digital age we’ve seen a massive societal shift toward a focus on creation. Yet we still witness, as recently as the pandemic, how expendable and disposable creators are to society, always first to be dismissed.

The monopoly on audio is no secret as platforms openly control who hears what, and the “struggling artist” is still a sad reality for many audio creators. BOOMN gives artists the ability to grow a real fan base and to give back to their supporters. It provides legitimacy and secures the truth in speeches, reduces unwanted, while boosting desirable, marketing, and is the way for all people to earn an income through listening to or creating audio.

The BOOMN Team is a mashup of talent. While Sado and Parker have had lifelong careers in music and film, the rest of the team come from diverse backgrounds with unique life experiences. All core members of the team are innovative and determined entrepreneurs who share a vision for the future of Web3.

Daniel Sado

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

  • Multi Platinum Producer, Audio Engineer, DJ with 17+ years in the music industry 
  • Education in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, design, automation, website development and marketing
  • Placements with Scott Storch, Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Usher, BANG Energy etc.
  • Designed and built LeBOOMN, the world’s first mobile performance crypto-car

“I’ve seen too many problems within the music industry, and knew that I had the ability to fix it. I made BOOMN the solution. At the time, I didn’t realize the effect it could have on the world, through audio as a whole. Since that revelation, I remain continuously inspired by it.”

Wallet: Draydel.eth

Jillee Parker

Chief of Operations, Artist

  • 2X Division 1 Lacrosse Captain, Ranked #14th in USA
  • M.Ed. and BS in Human Development from Howard University
  • Professional artist (music) and director for 10+ years
  • Founder/President of the HeartHeart Foundation
  • Heavy background in branding, PR, operations and team management.

“The team is always my focus; Our foundation is built on understanding both the objective, as well as our individual strengths and weaknesses. Then the focus can shift to maximum growth and efficiency. I love to lead, learn and execute.”

Wallet: Jillee.eth

Alexander York

Chief Technology Officer

  • Innovation & Principal Systems Engineer at Northrop Grumman
  • Previous NASA Systems Test Engineer
  • Developed Model Based Systems Engineering framework to enhance Product Lifecycle Management processes
  • Developed microcontrollers utilizing inclinometers and planar algorithms.
  • Background in product development, go to marketing (GTM) marketing strategies and campaign development.

Wallet: Alexyork.eth

Jennifer Waldsmith

Chief Marketing Officer

  • Founder of The Mom Empire agency, web design, social media & brand strategy 
  • Degrees in Communications – Marketing, Business Finance, and Creative Writing
  • Innovative and creative consult to WECAN (Women Executives Channel Advisory Network) tech executives in Microsoft, Insight, Crayon, and Redhat
  • Music industry background in brand development and virtual growth
  • 14+ years in website creation and design for diverse industries

Wallet: jlwaldsmith.eth

Al Morris


  • Founder
  • Co-founder of 
  • Systems Designer at Grantek
  • B.Sc Mechanical, Sensor, and Robotics Engineering At Queen’s University
  • Engineers Without Borders, Queen’s Startup Summit, and
  • Queen’s Engineering Competition Design Challenge Champion (2015)

Peter Yang


  •  Managing Director at Fenbushi Capital
  • Former Investment Director and Analyst at Fenbushi Capital
  • Advisor for DEXILON and  Koii Network
  • Enterprise Risk Data Analyst at MUFG in the Americas
  • BBA- Risk Management & Insurance, BS in Statistics at University of Georgia 
  • Bilingual- Chinese and English

Marcus Cobb

Royalties and Copyrighting

  • CEO and Chief Software Architect at Jammber
  • Harvard Business School
  •  22+ years as a technologist and product designer for Microsoft and GE Financial
  •  Series of projects focused on product-led growth in tech start-ups
  • Founding Member of Rolling Stone Culture Council
  • Rise of the Rest Portfolio Company
  • Illinois Technology Foundation Board Member

Mango: The Crypto Kitty

  • Networking Specialist
  • Punctual and adaptable
  • Thrives in virtual settings.
  • Tech focused, often found fiddling with wires and chords.
  • Motivated and growth oriented.
  • Youngest member of the BOOMN Team