The Future Of Sound

BOOMN is the audio-based blockchain technology platform revolutionizing the way we listen, interact, and engage with each other using audio. 

Creators can now attach a piece of media to their original audio. When their audience listens to that audio and verifies it with the ‘proof of sound’, then the attached media is minted as an NFT and sent directly to the listener’s wallet. 

 Whether you are performing, speaking, streaming or simply playing a movie, we serve as a bridge between Web2 and Web3, so you can stay in the moment.

Send, Receive, and Mint NFTs
Through Audio Verification

Built for creators and listeners alike, we are here to change the way you listen by enabling creators to give back to their listeners, and listeners to access and influence their favorite creators in a way never before possible.

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Podcasters use BOOMN to create CTAs (call to actions), grow a base of loyal listeners, and to reward their most engaged fans by enabling the “active engagement” setting. Podcasters can que NFTs and tokens to drop during a prerecorded podcast or live streaming using BOOMN's "Proof of Sound" audio verification.

Live Streamers

On platforms, live streamers are prioritized higher in search results when they have a longer viewer retention rate. By setting your mint to release exclusive media after 15 minutes of “on-air” time, your listeners are tuned in longer, gaining valuable information, increasing your VRR.


Musicians are finally in control of their creative releases. Utilizing your own data to build, and cater to, your fanbase. Building a connection with your fans in a way never before possible. Continue to earn royalties and stack your campaigns to make money at any stage, doing what you love, while providing content to listeners everywhere.


Educators can increase attendance and attention in your live or virtual classrooms. Utilize BOOMN to release digital study guides and notes directly to your students. Integrate Web 3 passively by using BOOMN as a bridge. BOOMN's blockchain technology also makes it possible to record attendance in a whole new way.


If you are in politics, both the media and trolls will twist what you say for their own agenda. Use BOOMN to verify your audio or speech, proving what was actually said, and helping to prevent deep fakes and half-truths from ruining your campaign.

Keynote Speakers

When you speak, BOOMN listens, helping you to increase attendance and audience retention. Give your crowd something to take home, provide even more value. Build a stronger relationship with more access to you and your knowledge.